Water Bill

This morning before going to work I drop first in Water District Office to pay for water bill.  My bill charge is higher this time because of aquarium leaking.  I hope next bill it would be reduce as the aquarium is already fixed.  I paid in advance as I neglect to pay the bill sometimes.  I am happy and grateful to pay the bill in advance

Hair Drying Cap

I bought hair drying cap for my everyday bath use at Unitop Store.  This cap will wrap my wet hair, absorb  and dries water from my wet hair.  The color is pink and I like it as its very friendly to my pocket.  I already have three drying caps that I bought from different store and happy to drop by at the affordable store this afternoon.

Pet Blog

We have two dogs, both males.  Their names are Popeye and Dean.  We have had them for about two years now. We love them so much, they are so amusing and entertaining. We love to tell our friends about what they get up to and recently we discovered pet blog through one of our dog owning friends where we could now share experiences with other pet lovers. In addition, we can also order things for our dogs online which not only is convenient, but is also very friendly to our pockets.

SSS Payment

I woke up early this morning as I thought of paying our sss retirement benefit for the month of March.  My queue was not long as I arrived in SSS office very early.  I decided to come early as it’s difficult to pay during lunch as the weather is so hot and humid.  I don’t want my skin to be burned by the sun so its a good idea to pay early in the morning.  Thankful as my sss benefit monthly is updated and paid early.

Dinner At Pizzaiolo

We went to Marina Tuna Restaurant half past nine in the evening as Petie talked so much with the captain – the owner of Valhall’s Bar.  We run out of time when we arrived in the restaurant, the waiter said in five minutes time the restaurant will be closed.  So we to have dinner in the hotel.  We had dinner at Pizzaiolo of Waterfront Insular Hotel.  We ordered the food that Petie like so much such as oceania pizza, fish & chips, lettuce salad with olive oil and vinaigrette dressing, seafood pasta, softdrinks and beers.  The food was so yummy and we were so full.  Thanks Petie for a great dinner. 

Nail Service At Jenden Salon

Me and Petie had manicure and pedicure in Jenden Salon.  I also had foot spa as my soles are cracking.  The color of my polish was bright yellow as chosen by Petie while him was varnish.  The service was good we both gave them tip but after a few days my right ring finger had swell for not removing the cuticle properly.  I suffered for a week but when I return to office I asked the help of my manicurista to remove the cuticle and pus got out.  After a few days my ring finger healed.  I hope not to suffer again on my next visit on this salon as we like their service.

Drinking Beers At Hagar’s Bar

After we unpacked the clothes of Petie in Waterfront Insular Hotel, we drove a taxi going to Hagar’s Bar.  This bar is owned by an Australian man.  Me and Arlene ordered a light beer while Petie ordered a pale pilsen beer.  I just drank two bottles of beer and so with Arlene.  We were served a saucer of Petie’s favorite peanuts.  We enjoyed the chat while watching the television show.  The guy next to our table noticed our language as we spoke our native language which was Dabawenyo.  It was fun drinking beers again after three months that I hadn’t drink beers.  Me and Arlene felt tipsy but we still manage to go to another place for our dinner.

Hair Rebond

I just let my hair rebonded this afternoon in a beautiful day salon near our office. Thankful that they have promotion for Araw ng Davao so I was able to avail.  My friend told me that they are still on promotion.  It took three hours to rebond my hair.  Me and Lydia were not able to hear an anticipated mass as my hair was finished rebonding at past 6 in the evening.  The result of my rebond was perfectly beautiful, straight and shiny.  I treat my friend Lydia for a late snack as she stayed with me for a long time.

Internet Payment

I paid the internet of my friend’s son for the month of March in choice mart this evening.  This would be my last payment as they will be leaving hopefully to Canada for good on the first week of May.  Their internet connection will be disconnected next month.  I hope and pray that their journey to another country will be push through without problems in the immigration.  Good luck to both of you my friends.

Special Non-working Holiday

I decided not to go to work as it is still holiday.  I was lazy to go as I don’t have salary yet plus I was so sad for the loss of my niece.  I think its not right to go out when deep inside you are sad and crying.  Best to stay home waiting for my sister to get online to have an update of her baby’s funeral this coming saturday.  I hope and pray that God would give her the strength to face the trials that she is facing right now.