Tattered Jeans & Blouse

After work, I went to a nearby mall to look for the tattered jeans that I like before and to my surprise the tattered jeans was still there.  I fit again before buying and fold it as my guide for cutting or alteration.  The blouse that I like was still there too so I bought it too.  This would be my remembrance for my blog proceeds that I earned last year.  I saved 35% from the clothes that I bought and have it altered.  I am excited to wear my new tattered jeans and a new blouse at work on monday.

Facial Treatment

My face looks so dark and had lots of small pimples and blackheads that I decided to have a facial treatment to get rid of the pimples. I need peeling on my face too so that it will lighten my face and the pimples would be gone. After the treatment, I bought peeling lotion and sunblock to continue the treatment until it lightens my face. I hope to get a best result as I invested a lot of money.

Friend’s Request

My friend is asking me to send money to her scholar while she is still sending me money from Paypal.  Since it takes 3 days to get the money I borrowed money first from my mom.  I already sent the money through M Lhuilier and after a couple of hours, the receiver texted me that she already got the money.  Friend’s request was granted and hopefully I will get the reimbursement tomorrow.

Requiem Mass

I went to St. Jude Church to have a requiem mass for my father, my grandmother and a special person.  I couldn’t hear mass tomorrow as I will be going to Manila so I just had a requiem mass for them.  I hope and pray that they will understand that I will be going to Manila tomorrow.  Even though I won’t be there to visit their grave but they were always in my heart to remember forever.

Cable Bill

The cable bill has not yet arrived but I paid in advance without seeing the bill as I will be leaving in Manila soon.  I still have to collect my brother the half payment of this bill tomorrow.  I hope he will refund me as I just borrowed money from my savings account.  So far I have done the bills that need to pay in advance for my Christmas vacation.

Dealer’s Christmas Party

I attended a Christmas party of Triumph during lunch.  I invited Joyce as my companion.  There were lots of food and drinks to eat.  I paid my due payments and get my new orders before I go.  The owner gave me a gift.  My gifts are melaware glass, lace chemise, red coin purse and rectangle red coin purse.  I am thankful and blessed to get many gifts that I never expected this Christmas.

Marriage License Certificate

I was in City Hall last week asking for a copy of marriage license certificate but the lady asked me where I was married.  I replied that that the ceremony was held in the church.  She said I will get the certificate in the church.  This afternoon, I went to the church to ask the certificate.  And it’s true, the marriage license certificate was ready for pick up.  It was place in the envelope with our surname and the wedding date. The lady told me to keep the certificate as they don’t have copy anymore and in case I will lost it I will ask a copy to the Civil Registrar’s Office in the City Hall.  Thankful and happy as I got the original marriage license certificate at last.

Wedding HD Video

Last week I complaint to the photographer that my wedding HD video won’t play.  All I could hear was the music alone.  He burned me a CD again for a copy and I got it now.  He told me to use VLC media player as it is compatible to HD video.  So I downloaded the VLC media player and true enough my same day edit wedding HD video was seen and played.  Thankful for his help and now I have two copies of same day edit of my wedding HD video.

Jewelry Orders

Yesterday, I was so busy attending the jewelry order of my customers online.  One customer ordered Chinese gold necklace and another necklace with pendant.  The other customer ordered Chinese gold necklace with two pendants.  I immediately paid my supplier in the bank so that he will sent my orders right away.  Hopefully I will get the jewelry orders today or tomorrow.

Knives Sharpening

I went to Adarlo, a sharpening shop for knives, scissors, cutters, nippers and a lot more.  Our two knives are not quiet sharp anymore so I decided to have it sharpen for Christmas season as we have lots of things to cook soon.  I told my sister to watch her vegetable slicing so that she won’t be cut by the sharped knives that I recently polished and sharpen.  So far I am doing things that need to be done in the house while I am away for Christmas and New Year.