A Box Of Cookies

I bought round tin can of cookies in S & R Store for offertory in the church on my wedding day. The tin can has a Christmas decoration snowman full of different shapes of cookies.  I hope the priest would like it as this would be my wedding offering in the church.  So far, I have bought two kinds of offerings in kind ahead of time.  I still need to buy two more offerings two days before my wedding day.

Silver Sandals

I bought my sister a pair of silver sandals with pearl bow and silver dust.  I purposely bought size six so that I could borrow her sandals whenever I have occasion to attend.  The sandals is discounted at 10% as the SM Mall is sale for 3 days.  My sister will wear this sandals on my wedding day.  Her long gown is colored fuschia match with her silver sandals.

Supplier Payments

I deposited money to my wedding planner to pay the suppliers for our up coming wedding event.  I texted her to pay the cake maker, car rental, lights & sounds and the florist.  Next week I will pay my wedding gown, entourage’s suit and gowns.  I still have more suppliers to pay hopefully Petie will sent me more money soon for the full payment of the reception and the church.

Face Powder

I bought face powder for light skin and spf 21 for Petie on our wedding day.  I purposely bought this face powder for his use as he needs powder to cover up the oiliness on his face.  My sister will be the one to put powder on his face as his make-up artist.  Hopefully he will like it as this is suited for his white and smooth skin.

Lavender Pedicure

My Manicurista drop by in our office asking if I want to have pedicure.  I told her to come back in the afternoon as I was very busy attending my upcoming wedding.  During at work, she pass by and had my late pedicure service.  It has been a month that I had my pedicure and its about time to have one.  The color of my pedicure is lavender for a change from aqua marine color.  It’s nice to have pedicure as my nails are clean and trim.

Bills Payment

I have the chance to pay my internet cable bill at the nearby courier.  It’s not due yet but I have to pay ahead to avoid of neglecting it on the due time.  Thankful that my bills are updated and the payment center is very near to my office.  I will collect my brother the half payment of the cable bill tomorrow.


I was looking for gowns in Quirino Street when I saw a stall selling for fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan and grapefruit.  I missed grapefruit already as it has been a couple of months that I have not eaten yet.  I bought more than two kilos as I was craving for it now.  The fruit is very juicy and so sweet.  It’s perfect for soy sauce and chili.  Love it so much.

Coffee At Starbucks

I was in Banco de Oro to deposit the money of my customer who bought me a pair of gold diamond dangling earrings.  After depositing the money I had cafe latte and two pieces of glazed doughnuts in Starbucks.  While drinking my coffee, I messaged my supplier and sent him the picture of my deposit slip so that he would send the jewelry that I ordered today and expected to received tomorrow.  I am thankful to God I have sold a pair of earrings today.

Lunch With My bosses

After accompanying my boss of buying the champagne dress for his wife in the mall, my boss invited me for lunch.  We had lunch in Toryano’s Restaurant at the top floor of the mall.  We had native chicken stew, chopsuey, sizzling sisig, rice and buko salad as our desserts.  Our lunch was so yummy I went to office so full and happy.  Thanks to my boss for the treat, I truly appreciate it.

No Internet Connection

Yesterday, I lost internet connection, after cleaning my computer table.  I don’t know what to do.  I was so sad that I couldn’t chat with Petie and my sister Mimi.  This morning I asked our neighbor about their internet if it was okey she said they have connection.  She advised me to call PLDT so I did phone them, the in-charge asked if the DSL box lights up.  I answered that it blinks only, he advised me to check the wire if it was connected to its proper place.  When I checked the DSL wire was plus plug in a telephone connection.  In short I interchanged the wire from telephone connection to DSL connection.  I am thankful I complained to my neighbor or else I wouldn’t know what to do.