Tricolor Bangle Gift

I asked my fiance Petie to buy me a tricolor bangle with a budget that my friend Norm from Canada gave me as an advance wedding gift.  I asked Petie to buy me one in Dubai as a promised to pay him.  But to my surprise he didn’t ask me the payment of the bangle.  I was so shocked and happy that it was his gift to me.  The bangle is cute, I love it so much , it has open-close lock and just perfect for my small wrist.  It  has three colors from yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.  Thanks to my beloved Petie for a very nice bangle gift.

Lapis Blouse

Me and Petie was in SM Premier Lanang to look around as the next day would be their 3 day sale.  We tried to go to Candie’s Store to find for sale dress and blouse.  I saw a unique blouse colored lapis at 65% off.  I immediately bought it, the design has a lace on the neck with buttons at the back.  The fabric is so cool and the size is small. Thanks to Petie who paid the nice blouse and brand that I like.

62 Strat Reissue

Guitars are very expensive pieces of equipment to buy and often require replacement parts. My brother has got a fender Stratocaster which is a very expensive guitar and recently he has had problems with the tremolo bridge on his guitar. However, he found 62 strat reissue which was a direct and quick replacement for his worn bridge and his guitar is now as good as new.

Credit Card Issuance

I was shocked when the bank phoned me this morning.  He asked about my personal information as they will give me credit card being a long time depositor in their bank.  Though I have supplementary card from my brother but I never use it.  But this time, they will give me a credit card of my own so I think I would accept it as not all are given a privilege to own one.

Japanese Fan

I bought Japanese fan in Victoria Plaza this afternoon for my wedding use.  I bought dark pink color to match with my wedding motif.  I like the fan design as its very lightweight, it gives more air when fanning and the design is so perfect for my wedding motif.

Wedding Motif Dress

I am in Gaisano Grand Mall to look around as I am so bored and the weather is very hot.  I am fitting a sleeveless blouse but the price is the same as the dress that I like. The design of the dress is trendy, flower printed with fuschia, red, peach, green and purple.  The dress fits perfectly on me.  I bought the dress as the color is so perfect for my wedding motif.  I will wear this dress on our prenuptial video and photo shoot hopefully next month.

Dark Pink Belt

Last Saturday I was in Penshoppe Boutique to look for dark pink belt to accessorize my white dress.  It was just marked down at 10% so I was hesitant to buy it.  Today I went again to Penshoppe Boutique, I thought they don’t give discount as its after sale already but to my surprised it was marked down at 40%.  I asked the saleslady why the price was reduced at 40%. She said every Wednesday is sale day for their store.  Now I will bear in mind that every Wednesday is sale day in case I need something to buy for myself.  What a lucky day for me today buying a nice belt at a very friendly to my pocket.

Water Bill Payment

Before going to office I thought of paying water bill even though I forgot to bring the bill.  I still have more time so I thought of paying it today.  I told the teller about the name of the payor and the address.  The payor was my father as he was the owner of the house.  Thankful as I can still pay the bill without bring the bill by just telling the teller of the payor’s name.

Silver Rhinestone Stretch Hair Band

I was looking for tiara for my up coming wedding in Broadway Gems.  But I don’t like their tiara as its an ordinary one.  I ended up buying a silver rhinestones stretch with black elastic hair band for my wedding hair.  Though I am not satisfied with what I bought and I am not sure if I will use this kind of hair band.  I still consider of buying a nice tiara on Trends soon when Petie comes.

Household Chores

I was cleaning the whole living room and the kitchen area this morning.  I clean the television with wet cloth, table, photo frames, chairs and mopping the floor.  Everything were clean from my room’s window and body mirror.  I also clean my laptop and electric fan.  It was tiring but happy seeing the house clean every sunday.