Black Saturday Mass

After cleaning the house, I travel to the downtown area to attend for the anticipated mass.  It was  so hot so I thought of eating Halo-Halo in chowking for my late snack while waiting for the 6 o’clock mass.  I got the chance window shopping at the mall until the time of the church has come.  People in the church bought candles as our light, I bought two candles too.  A lot of churchgoers came as they don’t want to come on easter sunday.  The service was finished at 9 o’clock as there were lots of rituals, prayer, symbols and baptism service.

White Bermuda Shorts

We are half day at work today because it is Day of Valor.  I had lunch with Lydia and  we got the chance to change a new battery for our watches in Gaisano South Mall.  We went to see the sale items at the clothes department and bought white bermuda shorts that was on sale at 50%.  Lydia bought a blue dress and white bermuda shorts too.  We both went home happy as we bought the shorts that we wanted.

Foam Padding

I just renovated my house that was hit by typhoon last year.  Everything was changed to a new material from roofing, ceiling, walling and electricity.  I bought furniture for the living room, such as beds to the three bedrooms, dresser, cabinet and foam padding from We were given financial assistance from the government so I was able to purchase what is needed in the my house. I am thankful that I gradually recovered from the typhoon and we are back to a normal life now.

Anticipated Mass

I just got home from hearing mass alone in St. Jude Church. After work, I had late lunch and was able to use wifi internet while waiting for my friend Lydia to be finished from work. She had late lunch too and decided to have a nap while waiting for the 6 o’clock anticipated mass. It was the third Sunday of Lent. I seated third seat to the front because I want to hear the homily of the priest clearly and I want to sing too. I like hearing mass during saturdays as it is not crowded, very comfortable and most of all convenient to my time.

Afternoon Tea At Starbucks

Me and BA was at SM Lanang to have tea at Starbucks cafe.  We ordered English breakfast tea for two and bread sandwich with pesto but I don’t know what else was inside the wheaten bread.  It taste yummy and healthy food.  We had picture before leaving the cafe.  We went to the grocery store to buy some nuts, water and fruits.  We went to the hotel afterwards, checking mails and had nap.

Mint Green Nail Service

This afternoon, during our break time, me and my friends at work had nail service in our clinic. I had a complete service- manicure and pedicure with mint green color polish. My friend Lydia had pedicure only with gray polish. Good that the Manicurista was visiting us in the clinic. We had the chance to have service and had rest while enjoying our break time chatting and napping a few minutes.

Cheap Used Charvel Guitars

I am fascinated with guy who knows how to sing and play guitar at the same.  I am amazed how talented they are.  I wish my mom had bought a guitar when I was young, I would have learn from it.  Luckily there are cheap used charvel guitars nowadays that I could buy for my niece who likes playing guitar. It’s a timing thing because school ends at march and she is excited to enroll her guitar lessons at music school as a reward for her.

Bleached Jeans

My jeans had red blood spot at the back side so I bleached them to get rid of the stain.  But it turns out into white because of the bleach but then I don’t mind wearing it.  There was black spot again from the jean’s color so I bleached again hoping that it would be gone.  But then it turns more whiter and uglier to look at.  Tonight I decided to bleach the whole jeans with bleach but not whole jeans was bleach.  I wash the jeans and hang it as I will buy another bleach tomorrow to bleach it thoroughly.

Dunlop Guitar Strings At Guitar Center

My nephew’s string guitar was cut because of many uses at school.  He is a band member being the guitarist.  He couldn’t practice anymore because he needs a replacement of guitar strings.  His classmate recommended him to buy dunlop guitar strings at Guitar Center. His classmate had tested how durable their strings are. His mother would buy soon as he needed for the practice of their band next month.

Long Back Blouse

I was window shopping the other at the nearby mall when I saw a very nice baby pink printed long back blouse with muscle sleeve denim.  The fabric is soft Georgette.  I fitted the blouse, it perfectly fits on me the medium size but I had second thoughts of buying it.  I hide the blouse so that customers couldn’t find it.  But I checked my budget and I still have enough so I decided to buy it.  Today I was excited wearing the blouse matching with my skinny jeans hearing mass.  There is still another pink blouse but I don’t have the budget anymore.  I hope it will still be available when I visit next time.