Tuesday Errands

The daughter of my boss authorized me to request for her high school report card and diploma in Assumption College of Davao School.  I also went to her college school to request for transcript of record and diploma in San Pedro College School.  She requested for this document for her application of fellowship degree in medicine for her to be accepted on her diplomate degree.  I will get her document after 10 working days from the day I requested it.

Bills Payment

This morning I paid all the bills in the house including my friend’s internet bill.  Thankful I didn’t queue in the payment center of choice mart as I paid early in the morning.  I paid electric bill, bayantel dsl internet, skycable, and globe’s internet bill of my friend.  I am happy I already paid all the bills in the house in a very smooth transaction.

Candie’s Sleeveless Blouse

I was in SM Premier Lanang to renew my SM advantage card and I came to visit Candie’s Store. They are 65% off on blouses and dresses.  I bought a nice blouse from the original price of nine hundred pesos to three hundred pesos now.  I grab the blouse as the price is so friendly to my pocket plus the blouse is made from USA. I like the fabric, so cool and the color is the color of the year now which is a combination of light yellow with a shade of blue and green.  It has ribbon at the back, a very nice blouse and perfect for my budget.

How I Got My Pandora Bracelet

I like Pandora bracelet when I was in the airport looking at the duty free store.  I was asking the saleslady about the price.  I was shocked with the price but I like the charms.  I asked Petie to buy me pandora when we returned from our vacation in Hongkong.  But then the airline crew announced that we couldn’t land in the airport of duty free.  I was so disappointed when I heard the announcement.  When we reached to our hotel Petie was teasing me apologizing that he couldn’t buy me Pandora bracelet in the duty free.  I said it’s fine as we could find in Glorietta Mall.  He was shocked and said gosh.  I said to hurry up as we will find in Glorietta Mall but insisted to have tea first before going to the mall.  It took us a few minutes of finding the store until we asked the guard about it.  When we got to Pandora Store we were given number for queue, I saw the charms that I like but Petie was very impatient of waiting.  He said to come back tomorrow as they had lots of customers.  I was so disappointed as he might change his mind but looking forward to come back tomorrow.  When were in the hotel I was thinking how I like Pandora until we were sleeping.  I was dreaming Pandora bracelet two times because I was always thinking of it the whole day and night.  When I woke up in the morning, I told him about dreaming Pandora bracelet that I already bought two times.  I told him we should buy it the morning to avoid long queue.  When we got to Pandora Store, we were the next customer already.  Petie bought me Pandora starter set with a charm of union jack bus, cross dangle charm and purple oval lights charm.  I was so happy and grateful that Petie bought the bracelet that I fall in love by just looking at it in one day.  Thank you so much big angel for buying it without asking something in return.

Dinner @ Lugang Cafe

I had dinner together with Petie at Lugang Cafe, a Taiwanese restaurant beside Holiday Inn Makati.  We decided to have dinner near our hotel so that we won’t go outside for us to be safe.  We ordered fish, squid in salt & pepper, beer, garlic rice and warm water.  We both like their food I was still full from our snacks but still we have to eat our dinner.  The restaurant was just few steps from our hotel.  After dinner we went to executive lounge for some drinks and went to bed watching television.

Dented Luggage

Our flight back to Manila was safe, we passed by to the immigration counter to have our passport be stamped of our return to Philippines.  We waited for our luggage to be released but Petie noticed that my luggage was dented and was push so much inside the zipper of the luggage.  We complained to the baggage counter but the in-charge was keeping us to wait for longer minutes.  Petie was mad so they let us come to the office of the supervisor.  The supervisor was nice, she said they will have it repaired or they will pay one thousand pesos but Petie insisted to have it repaired.  The supervisor asked me to open the luggage first if we could push it back the luggage.  Thankfully, it was push back and my luggage was not damaged.  Petie’s has the point to complain as he saw it dented while we are still in the airport cause if not we won’t be entertained if we are outside the airport already.

Hongkong Disneyland

The following day we went to inquire on going to Disneyland, we chose 1:30 in the afternoon as Petie will be bored if we go at 9 o’ clock in the morning.  The weather was cold but I was ready with a proper clothes for the autumn.  Our bus will pick us at 9:30 in the evening but Petie asked if we could ride a train going to our hotel.  Our tour guide said yes so we decided to go home early.  When we got to Disneyland I was so happy and excited seeing their beautiful view of the castle building, rides, stitch encounter, toy storyland, tomorrow land, seeing princesses and the parade.  I enjoyed so much in Disneyland a dream come true visiting there.  We just stayed there for more than 3 hours only as Petie wanted to go home already.  We rode a train, Petie was asking for the direction going to Tsim Sha Tsui.

It was a good experience riding a train for the first time.  There was no traffic, the ride was very fast, we were in a standing position until we got seats when passengers arrive to their destination.  Petie was joking that we got lost, he said we will just drop in the last station and rode a taxi going to our hotel.  I was a bit worried and asked him to asked the guy beside him about the direction of our destination.  But he said he was too shy to ask.  I just said gosh but I don’t know what to do.  I said to myself if we will lost, Petie has the money to pay for the taxi.  If I was alone I would cry and asked the help of filipinos there in the train.  Petie pointed the map direction of the train.  Suddenly we dropped in the station and he looked for letter N as the subway exit.  The Indian was selling him of watch, he said no instead he asked the direction of Holiday Inn.  The Indian pointed the hotel it was just a few steps from the subway.  What a perfect hotel so near in the subway.  It was fun to experience going abroad for the first time.  Thanks to BA who gave me this opportunity to travel abroad at a very nice accommodation.

Dinner At Loong Yuen Restaurant

After drinking beers at the executive lounge of Holiday Inn, we went to a chinese restaurant of Holiday Inn Golden Mile to have a proper dinner.  I was still full but we need to have dinner.  Petie ordered pescetarian food such as special hot and sour soup, prawns seczwuan, vegetables chicken with crunchy red and green bell pepper and cashew nuts, special soup, 2 cups of egg fried rice, beer and warm water.  The food was so yummy but we were shocked as it cost so much money.

Christmas Flight

This Christmas, I flew via Cebu Pacific Airline to Manila to celebrate my Christmas with my fiance who flew all the way to Dubai to celebrate Christmas together.  We have the same flight going to Manila and the same terminal.  I arrived in Manila first at 10:30 in the evening then I waited for him for 20 minutes to arrive.  I saw him waiting for his suitcase and we rode a taxi going to Holiday Inn.  We arrived in the hotel past eleven in the evening.  We were given a complimentary drinks by the hotel receptionist.  We drank our complimentary drinks and went to bed.  It was a nice experience travelling alone and celebrating our Christmas together in Manila.

Foot Socks

I bought two pairs of foot socks that I could use for my vacation. The color is black and white made of cotton. The socks are made of quality brand and materials. I will use this socks for my sneakers and boots. I am so excited and looking forward for my vacation soon.