Anticipated Mass

Yesterday, I heard mass together with Lydia and Joyce.  I was surprised Joyce joined us to hear mass for the first time.  There were lots of churchgoers attended the mass as the church celebrated the fiesta.  All the seats were occupied but we managed to find seats for us.  The officiating priest was still our bishop in Davao City.  I was thankful we’re able to hear mass again.  Happy Sunday everyone.

Presents From My Friend

My friend Rochelle was in Cebu City and Palawan City for a vacation.  She posted on facebook about the delicacies of this two cities.  I joked if I could have presents from her.  To my surprise she said she would bring some foods for me.  Yesterday, she texted me that she will bring my presents in the office the following day.  I just asked for chicharon from Cebu but she also gave me sweet brittle cashew nuts and garlic cashew nuts from Palawan.  What a happy day I have food to munch this weekend while chatting to Petie.  Thanks my friend for this favorite presents.

Thank You

I was so happy and blessed that Petie paid my sss loan that I have not paid since last year.  I was so worried of the interest that added to my loan everyday with no payment at all.  When he said to take it from his money I was so excited paying my loan in full, now I am debt free.  Thank you so much Petie for saving me from the bondage of debt.  You are truly my saving grace as always.  Thank you for coming to my life and most of all to God who gave you to me.

Lowest Price

Even though I don’t know so much about music I have heard of Les Paul, who is a legend in music famous for his guitar playing. What I didn’t know until recently was that he has designed guitars too. Recently I went to a gig with my brother, and I just loved the lead guitarist and the tone and power of his music – my brother who is into guitars said that he was playing a lowest price guitar ever and its all worth for his money.

Cable Wire Clips

I was window shopping at Gaisano South Mall yesterday when I saw cable wire clips for mobile charger.  I bought four pieces for my mobile charger and ipad.  The designs are cartoon characters like hello kitty and minnie mouse.  I like this clip idea, my chargers are properly organized now.

BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer

My friends and I went out last weekend to a new club that was opened last month to celebrate the birthday of one of our group. The club is spectacular with a large dance floor, great lights and a fantastic atmosphere. What was really the best thing was the music – it was great to dance to and the sound from the bbe 482i sonic maximizer. The maximizer that they were using was really so clear and powerful, it just made us want to dance all night long.

Glass Replacement

This morning I decided to buy a glass replacement of our corner decoration that I broke last May.  I try to go to Aguila Glass Store if they can replace me with the sample glass that I brought to them.  They have 6 inches thick kind of glass but a reflective glass.  My original glass is ordinary, their reflective glass is a bit pricey.  I bought one so that my corner decoration would be arranged properly as I am tired of putting my decoration on the floor.  I just waited for 20 minutes to cut for a new glass and I directly brought it to the office for work.

Baby Shower Party

I just attended a baby shower of my friend Michelle that was held in their clubhouse village.  In the invitation the party will start at 3 pm but I arrived past 3:30 pm.  I thought I was already late but the party didn’t start until 5 pm.  My friends at work who attended are Kaka and Eunice. The two friends didn’t come as they have personal important matters to attend to.  We were given paper to write something a piece of advice for Michelle.  Then party started with few parlor games and I won a candle prize.  The food that was served were pizza, cakes, cookies, biscuits, spaghetti, fish ball, nachos, popcorn, siopao, pretzels and a refreshing juices.  Every gift was open in front of Michelle with a picture of her.  My gift was useful as its feeding bottle that she can use on the day the baby is born.  Thank God my friends didn’t stay long as I was rushing to return home before 7pm as Petie will be online waiting for his flight going to Dubai.  All in all the party was successful, Michelle’s friends were present.

SSS Monthly Report

During lunch time, I went to SSS office (social security system) to report my monthly payment report.  It has been three months that I missed reporting my monthly sss payment.  Thankfully the trainee who is in-charge of updating the payment helped me posted on my USB.  I always want my monthly payment be updated as this is my retirement benefit when I retire in the future.  I was tired and the weather was so hot but its worth to update my benefit to avoid bulky reports in the future.

Presents From Glo

During our high school reunion that was held in Vikings, my classmate Glo gave me a red guess cotton t-shirt with a sequence design of a word Guess.  She also gave me a big cologne, she let me chose from lotion but I accepted what she gave me.  It was a nice reunion with a luxury treat plus presents.  I didn’t ask anything from her but I was surprised she messaged me on facebook that she bought presents for me.  Thanks to my classmate Glo who has a kind and generous heart,  You are such a blessing to me from God.