Coffee At Starbucks

I was in Banco de Oro to deposit the money of my customer who bought me a pair of gold diamond dangling earrings.  After depositing the money I had cafe latte and two pieces of glazed doughnuts in Starbucks.  While drinking my coffee, I messaged my supplier and sent him the picture of my deposit slip so that he would send the jewelry that I ordered today and expected to received tomorrow.  I am thankful to God I have sold a pair of earrings today.

Lunch With My bosses

After accompanying my boss of buying the champagne dress for his wife in the mall, my boss invited me for lunch.  We had lunch in Toryano’s Restaurant at the top floor of the mall.  We had native chicken stew, chopsuey, sizzling sisig, rice and buko salad as our desserts.  Our lunch was so yummy I went to office so full and happy.  Thanks to my boss for the treat, I truly appreciate it.

No Internet Connection

Yesterday, I lost internet connection, after cleaning my computer table.  I don’t know what to do.  I was so sad that I couldn’t chat with Petie and my sister Mimi.  This morning I asked our neighbor about their internet if it was okey she said they have connection.  She advised me to call PLDT so I did phone them, the in-charge asked if the DSL box lights up.  I answered that it blinks only, he advised me to check the wire if it was connected to its proper place.  When I checked the DSL wire was plus plug in a telephone connection.  In short I interchanged the wire from telephone connection to DSL connection.  I am thankful I complained to my neighbor or else I wouldn’t know what to do.

Wedding Dress Measurement

After work, me and my cousin proceeded to Adelyn’s Couture to have body measurement of my wedding dress.  My entourage have measurement of their gown and suit too.  So far only few left for gown and suit measurement as they were at work today.  Hopefully they will come next week so that it will be completed for the fitting.  I hope and pray that the dressmaker will perfectly copy the gown design that I wanted.


I sometimes go to gigs with my brother who is a real fan of rock music. We recently saw a band playing and I noticed that the lead guitar sounded different from what I had heard previously at gigs. The notes that the guitarist was playing seemed to be more powerful and long lasting. My brother told me to look carefully and see that the guitarist was using ebow which gave it that affect.  It is so interesting to go to gigs with my brother as he tells me new things every time.

Marriage License Query

I phoned St. Jude Church regarding the marriage license papers if I would give it to them or keep it until our wedding day.  The in-charge said that I need to submit the license to them tomorrow.  So I decided to photo copy the papers in case they will lose it and have them sign as a proof that they received our marriage license.  Good thing I phone them or else I wouldn’t  know what to do on our marriage license.

Tricolor Bangle Gift

I asked my fiance Petie to buy me a tricolor bangle with a budget that my friend Norm from Canada gave me as an advance wedding gift.  I asked Petie to buy me one in Dubai as a promised to pay him.  But to my surprise he didn’t ask me the payment of the bangle.  I was so shocked and happy that it was his gift to me.  The bangle is cute, I love it so much , it has open-close lock and just perfect for my small wrist.  It  has three colors from yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.  Thanks to my beloved Petie for a very nice bangle gift.

Lapis Blouse

Me and Petie was in SM Premier Lanang to look around as the next day would be their 3 day sale.  We tried to go to Candie’s Store to find for sale dress and blouse.  I saw a unique blouse colored lapis at 65% off.  I immediately bought it, the design has a lace on the neck with buttons at the back.  The fabric is so cool and the size is small. Thanks to Petie who paid the nice blouse and brand that I like.

62 Strat Reissue

Guitars are very expensive pieces of equipment to buy and often require replacement parts. My brother has got a fender Stratocaster which is a very expensive guitar and recently he has had problems with the tremolo bridge on his guitar. However, he found 62 strat reissue which was a direct and quick replacement for his worn bridge and his guitar is now as good as new.

Credit Card Issuance

I was shocked when the bank phoned me this morning.  He asked about my personal information as they will give me credit card being a long time depositor in their bank.  Though I have supplementary card from my brother but I never use it.  But this time, they will give me a credit card of my own so I think I would accept it as not all are given a privilege to own one.