Hair Rebond

I just let my hair rebonded this afternoon in a beautiful day salon near our office. Thankful that they have promotion for Araw ng Davao so I was able to avail.  My friend told me that they are still on promotion.  It took three hours to rebond my hair.  Me and Lydia were not able to hear an anticipated mass as my hair was finished rebonding at past 6 in the evening.  The result of my rebond was perfectly beautiful, straight and shiny.  I treat my friend Lydia for a late snack as she stayed with me for a long time.

Internet Payment

I paid the internet of my friend’s son for the month of March in choice mart this evening.  This would be my last payment as they will be leaving hopefully to Canada for good on the first week of May.  Their internet connection will be disconnected next month.  I hope and pray that their journey to another country will be push through without problems in the immigration.  Good luck to both of you my friends.

Special Non-working Holiday

I decided not to go to work as it is still holiday.  I was lazy to go as I don’t have salary yet plus I was so sad for the loss of my niece.  I think its not right to go out when deep inside you are sad and crying.  Best to stay home waiting for my sister to get online to have an update of her baby’s funeral this coming saturday.  I hope and pray that God would give her the strength to face the trials that she is facing right now.

SSS Payment

Last night I set my mobile at 6:30 am as my alarm clock as I want to wake up early to pay my monthly SSS contribution.  I want to pay early to avoid long queue and I don’t want to be late at work.  My idea was right as my transaction was very fast and I go to work on time.

Ironing Clothes

It’s weekend a time to iron clothes to avoid bulky clothes to iron the next day.  That’s my idea of ironing clothes every other day so that I won’t be tired doing it.  When I get online, Petie was online already I thought he won’t be online early.  I told him to wait for me and agreed to wait but I have to stop ironing three more clothes as he’s already online.  I will finished ironing the other clothes tomorrow.

Anticipated Mass

I just heard an anticipated mass together with Lydia in St. Jude Church.  I was happy I was able to hear mass again the best part of our week.  We had nap first in our clinic for us to relax and had snacks before going to the church.  The church is so near to our office.  Thankful to hear mass again together with my friend.  Happy Weekend everyone.

Jewelry Orders

I was happy to get jewelry orders from my friends.  My classmate ordered me two pairs of hello kitty enamel 14k earrings colored yellow and coral.  The yellow one was dangling and the coral was stud design.  The price was a bit pricey but she likes it for the birthday gift of her niece.  The other friend ordered a 14k infinity bracelet with three tones, a combination of  yellow, white and rose gold.  It was her third order from me.  The first order was an infinity ring, second order was necklace with an infinity pendant.  I was pleased as my online jewelry business re-seller did clicked. Thanks to my friends who trusted and ordered my jewelry.  I hope to get more orders soon.

KK S61

I heard mass in our church back home when I went home to get my baptismal certificate.  I chose the eight o’clock mass for me to prepare myself.  Our church was newly built after we were hit by typhoon last 2012.  I noticed that our church was better and bigger.  Everything was new from chairs, tables, decoration, guitar and keyboard with KK s61. It was nice to visit my hometown, meeting my friends and relatives after 13 years that I had not visited my place.

SSS Payment

Early morning I went to SSS Office to pay my monthly retirement benefit.  Thanks God my boss gave me cash on time.  I also paid his SSS benefit including my sister.  Thankful, the queue was not long so I was able to go to office earlier than the usual time.

Tuesday Errands

The daughter of my boss authorized me to request for her high school report card and diploma in Assumption College of Davao School.  I also went to her college school to request for transcript of record and diploma in San Pedro College School.  She requested for this document for her application of fellowship degree in medicine for her to be accepted on her diplomate degree.  I will get her document after 10 working days from the day I requested it.