Anticipated Mass

I thought I couldn’t hear anticipated mass because my friend Lydia declined my invitation.  She had reason that they will buy projects for her daughter.  I thought I better go home or stay in Meriam’s clinic as her internet was on.  I felt sleepy and bored killing the time waiting for more hours to hear mass.  When suddenly Lydia arrived.  She decided to hear an anticipated mass so nap for few more hours until the time has come for the mass.  We had snack at the nearby and thankful I was able to hear mass again.

Melasma Treatment Gifts

I noticed my friend’s face was a bit lighter and whiter when we met last two months ago when she had vacation from Dubai.  She had melasma on her face for a long time so she consulted a dermatologist in Dubai.  She was recommended to buy Obagi products that could treat her melasma.  It was right the dark spots on her face became lighter and whiter.  I was interested to buy because I had melasma on my face though it was not too dark but I am tired of seeing it everyday.  I asked Petie to buy it for me as a gift.  Thankfully, he bought it for me.  He bought the complete set for my melasma treatment such as Obagi skin lightener and bleaching cream for evening treatment, Obagi for skin bleaching and corrector cream for morning and evening treatment, Obagi complex A cream with vitamins for morning and evening treatment and Obagi matte sunblock SPF 50 for everyday sun protection.  I am so grateful and happy Petie bought it for me as I couldn’t afford it myself.

Eco Bottle With Sipper Seal

I ordered tupperware brand of eco bottle with sipper seal and free square round container all colored orange last two weeks ago.  I got it now because I was away for a vacation for 10 days.  I grab the deal of this bottle at a price that is friendly to my pocket.  This bottle is my addition to my other bottle that I always bring in the office for my drinking water container. Two liters of container is enough for my everyday water intake in the office.

Mothers’ Birthstone Rings

It was our Moms 70th birthday recently and we wanted to give her a special gift symbolising this special occasion and to express our gratitude for all she has done for us. We decided to look at mothers birthstone rings . We chose a ring made of white gold which is her favourite with three stones for her children; she was so pleased when we presented her with her gift on Mother’s Day. However, out pleasure was greater to see her happiness.

Plastic Envelope

I dropped at the office supplies store the other day to look for quality plastic envelope with handle where I can put my important papers.  Good thing, they have the best envelope that I like, it has bigger capacity, thick kind and the color is red.  It has swaying comfort, grip handle with durable push lock.  I am happy as my important papers are safe now and protected from crumpled and rain.

Cement Patio Blocks

This afternoon, I bought three pieces of cement patio blocks for our hallway.  I always experienced flood in our hallway every time it rains so I thought of buying cement patio blocks for us to not get wet when going home.  The shape is square, it has stone design on it and thick cement.  I have been wanting this blocks last month but I don’t have time and now is my time to buy as I already haggled the price and I need if for our comfort.

Medical Exam

My friend’s husband and son will have their medical examination for Canada immigrant application tomorrow.  My friend had already sent me money for their medical exam including the tuition fees and school supplies of her son.  I already withdrawn the money and set an appointment  for  their medical exam tomorrow.  I hope and pray that they will get the best and healthy result so that they can hopefully go to Canada smoothly.

Side By Sides

Last month, I had my car repaired because I had been for travelling long hours in my hometown. When I arrived to the city, I immediately dropped my car in auto shop repair for a thorough check up. It needed welding, brake troubleshooting and transmission problem. It took a week to repair my car and was checked side by sides to make sure that it was all repaired as I needed my car for my business trip again.

Internet Payments

Before heading to office I drop at payment center in LBC to pay my bayantel internet and the internet of my friend’s son.  It’s timing I had the account number of my friend’s internet so my chance of paying both internet bills at a time.  My transaction was very fast and immediately headed to office for work.  Though I arrived a bit late but its my chance to pay the bills in payment center as its my dropping place for my first ride.

Body Lotion At Half Price

I was in Choice Mart Store before going home to look for soft cleaning brush for jeans but they don’t have stock.  I ended up buying nivea lotion that was sale at 50%.  I bought body milk intensive moisture lotion with vitamin e and grape seed oil at 125 ml.  I also bought express hydration body lotion with sea minerals at 250 ml.  I was so happy to avail the lotion I bought as I almost run out of body lotion.  I wish to buy more lotion for my personal stock tomorrow.