Credit Card Issuance

I was shocked when the bank phoned me this morning.  He asked about my personal information as they will give me credit card being a long time depositor in their bank.  Though I have supplementary card from my brother but I never use it.  But this time, they will give me a credit card of my own so I think I would accept it as not all are given a privilege to own one.

Japanese Fan

I bought Japanese fan in Victoria Plaza this afternoon for my wedding use.  I bought dark pink color to match with my wedding motif.  I like the fan design as its very lightweight, it gives more air when fanning and the design is so perfect for my wedding motif.

Wedding Motif Dress

I am in Gaisano Grand Mall to look around as I am so bored and the weather is very hot.  I am fitting a sleeveless blouse but the price is the same as the dress that I like. The design of the dress is trendy, flower printed with fuschia, red, peach, green and purple.  The dress fits perfectly on me.  I bought the dress as the color is so perfect for my wedding motif.  I will wear this dress on our prenuptial video and photo shoot hopefully next month.

Dark Pink Belt

Last Saturday I was in Penshoppe Boutique to look for dark pink belt to accessorize my white dress.  It was just marked down at 10% so I was hesitant to buy it.  Today I went again to Penshoppe Boutique, I thought they don’t give discount as its after sale already but to my surprised it was marked down at 40%.  I asked the saleslady why the price was reduced at 40%. She said every Wednesday is sale day for their store.  Now I will bear in mind that every Wednesday is sale day in case I need something to buy for myself.  What a lucky day for me today buying a nice belt at a very friendly to my pocket.

Water Bill Payment

Before going to office I thought of paying water bill even though I forgot to bring the bill.  I still have more time so I thought of paying it today.  I told the teller about the name of the payor and the address.  The payor was my father as he was the owner of the house.  Thankful as I can still pay the bill without bring the bill by just telling the teller of the payor’s name.

Silver Rhinestone Stretch Hair Band

I was looking for tiara for my up coming wedding in Broadway Gems.  But I don’t like their tiara as its an ordinary one.  I ended up buying a silver rhinestones stretch with black elastic hair band for my wedding hair.  Though I am not satisfied with what I bought and I am not sure if I will use this kind of hair band.  I still consider of buying a nice tiara on Trends soon when Petie comes.

Household Chores

I was cleaning the whole living room and the kitchen area this morning.  I clean the television with wet cloth, table, photo frames, chairs and mopping the floor.  Everything were clean from my room’s window and body mirror.  I also clean my laptop and electric fan.  It was tiring but happy seeing the house clean every sunday.

Red Alto

My fiance likes jazz and when I visited him recently he took me to his favorite jazz bar. He joked that it combined two of his great pleasures in life, jazz and good beer. I had never been to a jazz bar before and I must admit I didn’t really think I liked jazz much but I really enjoyed the music and atmosphere there, particularly the sound and tone of the saxophone which my fiance told me was red alto. I am definitely looking forward to learning more about jazz now and sharing my fiance’s passion for jazz.

Wart’s Removal

I just had my wart’s removal from my dermatologist.  They put topical anesthesia on my warts and after an hour the doctor cauterized my warts.  It was a bit painful but tolerable.  I had so many warts on my face, neck and on my armpits and now its all gone.  She gave me an antibiotic cream to apply on the cauterized warts.  And I was instructed to have half bath as it is not allowed to wash face with water for 24 hours. Thankful as my warts are gone and she gave me a discount.

Auralex Gramma Review

In our village where the church is erected, the residents are complaining about the noise of the church activities every night.  Our president is considering to buy a better amp that would minimize the noise in the neighborhood.  They searched online about auralex gramma review before deciding to buy. They discussed to the expert of sound system and came out to a decision of buying one. Now our church’s amp sounds better and the churchgoers are happy with the new and improved sound system.