Foot Socks

I bought two pairs of foot socks that I could use for my vacation. The color is black and white made of cotton. The socks are made of quality brand and materials. I will use this socks for my sneakers and boots. I am so excited and looking forward for my vacation soon.

Racini Hard Case Luggage

After work, I went to NCCC Mall to look for jeans and luggage but I don’t like their display so I went to Gaisano Grand Mall to look around again.  The jeans that I like was there but I have to wait until friday for the sale.  I look at their luggages, I like dark red 25 kilo luggage, it was mark down to 50% so I bought it.  It has a tsa combination lock and a multifunctional compartments for maximum capacity.  It’s easy to carry as it has two rubberized wheels with stand.  I like this luggage now as its bigger and I love the color.

Chocolate Gifts

This morning I got two packs of chocolates that my friend Arlene sent me through my cousin who visited us in the clinic for the circumcision of his son.  She bought from Marks & Spencer.  It has more chocolate than biscuit with milk chocolate rounds and the other pack has white chocolate rounds.  My cousin gave me a big bar of cadburry dairy milk chocolate with hazelnuts.  Thanks to my friends who gave me chocolates this Christmas,  I truly appreciate it.

Drinking Beer At Valhall

Me and Petie had beers at the bar of Valhall.  We visit their bar to check if the captain who is the owner was there.  But they said the captain will arrived from Norway on the day Petie will leave.  So sad Petie wouldn’t see him.  The captain was the first person he met when he first visited me.  From then on they became friends and we visit his bar whenever Petie visited me.  It’s a quiet bar but we enjoyed chatting and drinking their cold beer and nuts as compliments.

Dinner At Ahfat Restaurant

After drinking beer at Hagar’s Bar, we proceeded to Ahfat Restaurant for our dinner.  I felt so hungry even though we had beers.  We ordered garlic rice, seafood curry, garlic prawns and soft drinks.  We are surprised all the food are all gone as we are so hungry.  We went home happy and satisfied with the food that we ordered.  We gave a tip to the waiter.  He was happy seeing us again after four months that we visited their restaurant.

Long Shorts

Yesterday I bought long shorts that has a design of London landmark of River Tame, London Eye, London, Bus, Big Ben, UK Pop, Tower Bridge, Beatles and UK Flag. I told Petie about the long shorts that I bought, he was excited to see on webcam. He was shocked when the shorts that I bought has associated with London landmarks. I let him guess how much I bought but he didn’t guess the amount that I bought. I will wear this shorts on his upcoming visit soon.

Cherry Blossoms Flowers

I was in the mall the other to look for plastic boxes when I spotted beautiful plastic flowers that was displayed on the new location.  I was looking around as I want to buy plastic flowers for our office decoration.  Instead I decided to buy plastic pink cherry blossoms for our house.  Our jar in the corner of our house has no flowers so I thought of buying it.  I bought two stems but bushy flowers.  I already displayed in our corner and it looks so beautiful with my favorite pink color of flowers.

Anticipated Mass

Yesterday, I heard mass together with Lydia and Joyce.  I was surprised Joyce joined us to hear mass for the first time.  There were lots of churchgoers attended the mass as the church celebrated the fiesta.  All the seats were occupied but we managed to find seats for us.  The officiating priest was still our bishop in Davao City.  I was thankful we’re able to hear mass again.  Happy Sunday everyone.

Presents From My Friend

My friend Rochelle was in Cebu City and Palawan City for a vacation.  She posted on facebook about the delicacies of this two cities.  I joked if I could have presents from her.  To my surprise she said she would bring some foods for me.  Yesterday, she texted me that she will bring my presents in the office the following day.  I just asked for chicharon from Cebu but she also gave me sweet brittle cashew nuts and garlic cashew nuts from Palawan.  What a happy day I have food to munch this weekend while chatting to Petie.  Thanks my friend for this favorite presents.

Thank You

I was so happy and blessed that Petie paid my sss loan that I have not paid since last year.  I was so worried of the interest that added to my loan everyday with no payment at all.  When he said to take it from his money I was so excited paying my loan in full, now I am debt free.  Thank you so much Petie for saving me from the bondage of debt.  You are truly my saving grace as always.  Thank you for coming to my life and most of all to God who gave you to me.